I'm alive!

I'm sorry dear blog for neglecting you so, I have been a busy busy girl but I promise to make it up to you by posting lots more once semester ends on the 8th of June!!

A lot has happened since I last posted, uni has gotten crazy crazy hectic, I've made amends with old friends, I turned 20, I bought my over the kneeboots which are now pretty much the love of my life and I have kicked my habit of having a potato cake every morning at uni!!

I spent this morning sewing the pants which I designed and am using for my end of semester uni assesment - if they turn out okay, I will post them here! I wore shorts today and everybody thought it was odd because they're so used to me wearing dresses and skirts (you should have seen their faces when I wore jeans last week!) I also wore my hair in a messy side plait which was a nice change.

Wearing: Forever New coat, Witchery scarf, CKM cardigan, Mink Pink top, Bauhaus shorts, no name tights, Tony Bianco boots.

As Bonsai requested to see a pic of the Forever New coat, I took a photo of it done up :) (Click on it and pic open in new tab or window to see it bigger)

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. I adore your coat! It's such a gorgeous gorgeous colour :)

  2. Thanks :) It's a very pretty colour. Looks cute with the shorts too.

  3. ahhh! that coat is amazing! i would have bought it if i lived somewhere colder. and how good are OTK boots? I live in mine. love the outfit. x

  4. I LOVE YOUR BLUE JACKET!cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


  5. Thanks girls, it's such a gorgeous colour hey!! I also have an old coat of a similar colour which this one was a replacement for - its pretty much dead but i cant bring myself to get rid of it!
    Cute blog Falco Veronica!

  6. Oh my god I get the same thing from my workmates about wearing pants. I've worn pants to work these past two days and the guys simply cannot believe what they are seeing. It's hilarious!!
    That coat is fantastic too - Love that shade of blue. :-D

  7. Great style. Very interesting blog....

  8. i like your header & these pictures!
    follow eachother?

  9. You look fantastic and agree with the other readers that the colour of that coat is divine!

    Aw, what type of doggy do you have? He looks cute.

    Great blog x

  10. Thanks girls :)
    Esz, I can imagine you copping flack for that, I'm having trouble picturing you in pants too! I think I wore jeans last week simply to surprise people!

    Kara, she's an English Stafordshire Terrier (Staffie) named Delilah :)

  11. Great blog! I really loved your outfits!

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    Hope to see you soon.

  12. I have that coat in Black! The shape is so flattering as it shows off your waist. I kinda wish I'd bought it in blue now!!
    What is the name of your Toni Bianco boots? :)

  13. It's such a nice coat hey!! The black would be lovely too :)

    They are the Tony Bianco "Pacifica" boots :)

  14. Lovely ! :) Happy to discover your blog :)