Shades of Purple

Today I had a photoshoot for an upcoming editorial and the theme was Black Magic. Dressed in mostly all black ensembles I had pale makeup with dark red violet/black eyes, dark dark red lips and black nails with my hair up in a messy teased up do. The makeup, done by the amazing Melonie Santos was fantastic! The hair was put down and softened while the makeup was toned down, with the eyes becoming more purply and the lips going nude for the final few shots, but I still think it looks great!! (I couldn't get a great pic of the makeup but you get the idea!!)

Today when I wasn't in and out of outfits I wore my vintage Pierre Cardin purple (it looks bluer than it really is in the pics) angora cardigan which my Mum bought from a vintage store in the early nineties. It's definitely stood the test of time as it's my favorite piece of clothing!!

Vintage Pierre Cardin cardigan worn with Portmans top, Tokito skirt and RMK flats.


Red My Lips.

I've never been a big lipstick person. Usually I put the focus on the eyes, and left the lips fairly natural as I thought bold lipsticks didn't suit me. If I even bother wearing more than a lip balm I wear a very sheer gloss, a tiny bit darker than my natural lip colour, but the other day I decided to try a red lippie I had lying around. Not sure when I got this lipstick, but it's a Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red, and I've fallen in love with it. I tried the red lips thing at uni the other day, liked it so tried it again last night when I went to LMFF Independant Runway Show (Which was FANTASTIC). I wore it with a predominantly black outfit with gold accents. I think I'll be wearing red lippy a lot more now!

These were taken at the end of the night, so while I touched up the red for the photos, it looked better earlier on!


Pretty Hair Things.

I'm a sucker for headbands and clips, usually those in bow form, so I thought I'd do a post of some of my faves.

I bought this one last week from Sportsgirl. The pictures don't do it justice, it's absolutely gorgeous!

This sequined butterfly headband is from Equip, it was so cheap too!

This bow headband is a cheapie from Equip too. I wear it heaps because it looks good with so many different outfits!!

I adore this Sportsgirl clip. Usually I wear it on the back of my head below a bun but I had trouble taking good photos of that.

This headband actually used to be part of a dress I had. I never wore it anymore so I cut the bottom band of and turned it into this headband. The top part is now a vest/top thing :)

Yet another winner from Sportsgirl! I always feel like a little girl when I wear this headband!!

My face looks a little funny cause I've been doing charcoal drawings of my feet all evening for uni, and I managed to get charcoal all over my face. I wiped it off but it means my makeups a bit uneven!!


I was wearing.

Yesterday I wore the same dress as my last post (though that was two weeks ago) so please excuse the repetition! Uni is going fantastically, but between that, and getting back with my boyfriend I haven't been giving much time to my poor blog!!

Will try and do a couple more posts this weekend!! Please excuse the poor quality of these photos!!

Wearing: Op shopped blazer (I think It's Country Road) with various brooches/badges, CMK cardigan, Ladakh dress, Red Robin Socks, RMK "Elisa" flats, Various jewellery, Black hair bow I cut off a headband and turned into a clip.


Last Week's Outfit.

These are some photos I took of an outfit I wore a week ago, but didn't have a chance to post on my blog. My style is changing constantly at the moment, I decide what I want to wear then I change my mind fifty times before I finally settle on something, but I was pretty happy with this outfit. My gorgeous dog Delilah joined me in the last photo.



Forever New cardigan, Dotti belt, Ladakh dress, Nine West shoes, sportsgirl bracelets plus usual bracelet, T&Co cuff.


First Day.

Things have been hectic lately, and I haven't had my laptop for a few days, so I haven't been able to post but I have a few photos I've taken which I'll put up later. Today was my first day at uni, and it was full on, but great! I'm really excited for my course and hope it's as perfect for me as it seems. This is what I wore today:

My new Evil Twin tshirt

My new Tony Bianco flats

Wearing: Bardot waterfall blazer, Evil Twin tshirt, Ladakh shorts worn with black sash as belt, Tony Bianco flats, Wayne By Wayne Cooper bag.