Miss Miss Shop?

Once again, I am being a slack blogger. I could give you many excuses like that uni is very busy, and I have a new boyfriend who is taking up a lot of my time but the fact is I'm just a lazy blogger. On that note, this isn't even and outfit post, which makes me extra lazy I know, but I wanted to ask all my wonderful readers to pretty pretty please vote for me in the Miss Shop Super Stylist competition. The prizes are ace, and it would be amazing to even have a chance of winning, so if you think I have style, I would adore if you would vote for me!

This is my profile here and all you have to do is quickly sign up, and click on that pretty pink "vote for me now" box!

These are the images I used for my profile (all of which have been previously posted on this blog).

Once again, that link is https://www.myer.com.au/missshop/profile.aspx?id=1487 and I will try to do an outfit post very soon!


Too Uncool For School.

have been very slack on the outfit posts of late - most of the outfits I want to post have been at night and I never seem to be able to get a good picture!

Last night I caught up with my group of friends who I've known since kinder, we went to Taco Bill for sangria and mexican food which was lovely.

Please excuse the ratty ends of my hair, it is in desperate need of a trim! I love the slogan on this tshirt, usually I'm not big on tshirts at all, but this one gets a good workout!


Wearing: Evil Twin tshirt, Camilla & Marc Gem Skirt, Henry Holland for Pretty Polly suspender tights, Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats, op shopped ring, bracelet from Thailand, Diva Disney collection pink heart earrings, vintage gold chain necklace, vintage gold and navy velvet bow clip in hair.


Free as a Bird.

On Thursday, I handed in my last project for uni and  now I have five glorious weeks off! I will try to post a few of the things I did at uni in the next few days when  I'm not sleeping/tidying my room (messiest room EVER). These posts may be terribly boring, I'm not sure, but I've had a few requests to post my uni work, so here goes.

First up, I'll post some images I did for a subject called "Fashion Project". Fashion project was a five week course in which we studied each of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) through physical exploration in relation to the body/fashion. Some of these aren't the best photos, but I didn't want to show the faces or work of my classmates without permission so I picked images with just me (except for the water one)

For our study of Earth, we brought in Barbie dolls and dressed them using clay. Mine is a sort of dominatrix cave woman Barbie, exploring the evolution of woman in history through Earth as an element.

For Air, we had to dress the human body in bags and baloons, creating an outfit using air and then seeing how it reacted in air. There are images of us jumping off tables, running etc, but as I didn't want to violate anybody's privacy, this is one of me at a standstill, mid airing-up!

Fire was my favorite exploration and we brought in plastic objects and synthetic fabrics to burn. I brought in this toy gun, and I love the way the heat gun manipulated it.

Our exploration of Water had us going to a local pool and taking underwater images of us in clothing. As you can see some of them turned out pretty well!

After exploring the four elements thoroughly in class and in visual diaries for homework, we had to choose a fifth element and create a collection (garment/s, photos, model etc) and video to be handed in with our visual diaries at the end of semester. I chose Caution as my fifth element, and decided to do a series of images expressing the caution which you needed to be aware of when messing with each of the elements. I got my friend A, and my brother D, and a blow up doll named "Just Jugs" and used them in a photo shoot on the elements. These are the final photos I presented along with their captions. (In my final collection they were presented in a concertina layout on black card with the captions in velum, stitched on with white thread.) I probably shouldn't have done photographs as my collection as I've never been a great photographer, but anyway!

You can see the images after the jump!


I'm alive!

I'm sorry dear blog for neglecting you so, I have been a busy busy girl but I promise to make it up to you by posting lots more once semester ends on the 8th of June!!

A lot has happened since I last posted, uni has gotten crazy crazy hectic, I've made amends with old friends, I turned 20, I bought my over the kneeboots which are now pretty much the love of my life and I have kicked my habit of having a potato cake every morning at uni!!

I spent this morning sewing the pants which I designed and am using for my end of semester uni assesment - if they turn out okay, I will post them here! I wore shorts today and everybody thought it was odd because they're so used to me wearing dresses and skirts (you should have seen their faces when I wore jeans last week!) I also wore my hair in a messy side plait which was a nice change.

Wearing: Forever New coat, Witchery scarf, CKM cardigan, Mink Pink top, Bauhaus shorts, no name tights, Tony Bianco boots.

As Bonsai requested to see a pic of the Forever New coat, I took a photo of it done up :) (Click on it and pic open in new tab or window to see it bigger)

Have a lovely Wednesday!


Kissing Roger Rabbit in the Rain.

I have a love-hate relationship with winter weather. I love it for the clothes I get to wear, and for the feeling of being all rugged up in a cold world, but I'm not a fan of the dreary grey skies and cold air - to be honest, it makes me feel a little down in the dumps. As today was one of the greyest days I've seen in a while, I dressed in a dark, black and grey outfit, steering away from colour. tomorrow I'm making myself mix it up a bit because all that black and grey managed to put me in a sulky mood I think!

For the first time, I wore my new Talulah "Kissing Roger Rabbit" vest today. It's quite different from anything else I own, so I wasn't sure how to style it, but I think I'll wear it with just black underneath next time - no grey.

I love the length of the vest and the way it falls. You can't see them that well but it has gorgeous decorative buttons!

Wearing: Talulah "Kissing Roger Rabbit vest", cheapo cardigan, Mink Pink dress, vintage necklace, RMK shoes. Nails painted in OPI Black Cherry Chutney.


I am happy.

I am happy today (not that I'm not happy any other day, but I'm just extra happy today). Have spent the afternoon doing homework for my favorite subject - fashion illustration and am feeling on top of the world! Wish all homework was this fun!

I have only worn red lippy a couple of times since I last posted on it, but today I decided to try it again! I felt very out of place on the dreary train ride to uni this morning, but for the rest of the day I was very pleased with it and have got to wear it more often!

Usually my best outfits are the ones I plan the night before, but I really liked today's - even though I just pulled it out of my wardrobe in a hurry this morning!

Wearing: Bardot blazer, Mink Pink top, vintage belt, Forever New skirt, RMK shoes, Tiffany & Co bracelet, Revlon lipstick in 'Really Red' and OPI nail polish in 'Big Apple Red'


I Feel Pretty.

I don't think I have ever felt as "at home" as I did in the outfit I wore today. It was very me, and I felt very pretty and girly all day - I love it when an outfit puts me in a good mood! Am wearing some new/old stuff I got on Sunday - a gorgeous vintage fluffy Alaia cardigan, a dress made from a vintage pattern and a necklace. My lovely brother took some photos for me today, so they're a bit better quality than my usual self timer pics!!

My gorgeous dog decided she wanted to join in on the fun, and have her photo taken too!
Isn't she adorable?!

Wearing: Vintage Alaia cardigan, dress from vintage market, noname tights, RMK shoes, Sportsgirl headband, vintage necklace.