Whether the Weather be fine,

Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.

I love the weather. Or rather, I love knowing what the weather forecast is. This is why my homepage on my computer is the Bureau of Meteorology homepage (I actually have another homepage, which opens in a second tab, style.com, but that's not relevant to this post). 

If anybody in my family ever wants to know what the temperature is meant to be, they ask me, because I almost always know the forecast for the day, and usually the next few days to come as well. In the last week or so, I have been checking the weather even more than usual because I desperately want it to get colder, just for one day. This is the reason:
Forever New zip detail melton wool coat.

Ever since I bought this coat a week ago, I have been dreaming of wearing it, finally tomorrow's 21 degrees will give me a chance to wear it. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've always had this weird thing about clothes having feelings - I feel like if I don't wear them quickly after I buy them, they get sad. It's stupid I know, but I like to think it's part of my charm. Anyway, I'll post some photos tomorrow when I finally get to wear it!

In other news, woke up this morning to a package containing my purchases from Freez which I blogged about the other day, they look lovely, I'm about to go try them on, hopefully it all fits - the dress looks like it may be too short for me!


Curly Girl

My hair is usually worn natural, with a few sprays of hair spray and maybe some dry shampoo if needed, but if I want to change it a little, I prefer curling over straightening. The last few times I've curled it, I just used my curling iron because I barely had time for that, let alone using my heated rollers, but on Friday, I had time, so I decided I'd try the rollers again. I realized after doing it, that contrary to the way I used to feel, I now prefer my hair curled using the curling iron, so that's what I'll go back to next time, but I might as well post these pictures I took anyway.

These are my babyliss heated rollers:

This is my hair before putting the rollers in (exuse the awful photo and my giraffe pose):

This is my hair with the rollers in:

And my hair after I took the rollers out, turned my head upside down and went crazy with the hairspray and the hair dryer, then fiddled with it with my fingers until it looked right. As I said before, I wasn't that happy with the result so I'll go back to my curling iron next time.

Wearing: Mink Pink cropped grey tshirt over Alexi Freeman tshirt dress.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!!


I like clothes and things.

I went through my wardrobe tonight, and put some old things I don't wear anymore in the opshop pile. I then proceeded to head to Freez and buy four more pieces of clothing I probably don't need. I keep looking at my overflowing wardrobe and seeing nothing I want to wear and keep wearing the same things over and over... and then I buy more things.

Sunny Girl lace shrug and Mink Pink top
Ladakh shorts and dress

All from freez.com.au


Oh, Nikolai.

When I first saw Camilla & Marc's new collection, there were a few pieces I fell in love with. One of them was the Nikolai Jacket.
Images from myer.com.au and whistles.com.au

I couldn't stop thinking about the Nikolai, no matter how hard I tried, and after a while I decided that it was time to reward myself with it for all that good saving I had done. I wasn't going to buy it without trying it on, so I decided that while I was in the city today (had to get some stuff for uni) I'd go and try on my dream jacket.

The moment I had it on, my dreams were broken - the Nikolai didn't suit me. I had feared the shoulders may be too overpowering on me, but that wasn't it at all, I simply looked swamped and dwarfed in it's folds of fabric, even though otherwise it seemed the perfect fit. I left, defeated for the moment, but the hunt for the perfect jacket is now on.


Today I Am Wearing.

Today I met a good friend for lunch. I had calamari and salad which was very yummy! My friend had a lovely looking chicken foccacia. Because I'm starting uni soon, I've decided to get as much wear out of my heels as possible before then, this means that like today, I'll probably be feeling over dressed a lot. My friend wore an old white tshirt, black jeans, havs and no makeup - which is fine, she looked gorgeous anyway, but I felt a little out of place and I wasn't even that dressed up!!

Forever New Cami. Noname lace crop top thingy. Ladakh skirt. Tony Bianco "Karana" heels. Equip butterfly headband. Random jewellery, cuff is T&Co, earrings are Swarovski.

 After lunch I took the dog for a walk, am planning to begin my sewing soon!

My Dress.

This dress means everything to me. Not because it's the most beautiful dress I own  (It's certainly not that well made!), or because it's by a top end designer, or because it cost me an arm and a leg. This dress means everything to me because it is all mine, and it's the first dress I ever made that was all mine. I enjoy sewing, but mostly I just use premade patterns, and towards the end I tend to lose a bit of passion for the item I'm making. This dress was different, I drew sketches and sketches until I knew what I wanted, all my exercise books at school were filled with drawings of variations of this dress. Then I made a calico mockup of the dress, so I didn't stuff it up. I poured over fabrics until I found the ones I wanted, and then I made my dream dress a reality.

Originally, this dress was for my year 12 formal, it didn't have the beading at the base of the straps it now has, but I hadn't even thought of that yet. I wore it, and every time someone complimented what I was wearing I felt the satisfaction all over. It's always lovely to be complimented, but when it's on something you created, the compliment has much more power.

I took these full length pictures a bit over a year ago. It was the morning of my interview for the fashion design course I wanted to get into, and I'd just looked through my folio and realized I didn't have a full shot of the dress with the wired beading on the straps - an addition I had made a couple of days before, to spice it up a little bit.

The interview went well, and I got into my course. I deffered for a year, and am set to start in a couple of weeks, which is why I have come back to this dress. I've only worn the dress once more since then, the night of the Dreaded Treehouse Incident. In a silly alcohol induced moment, I decided it was a good idea to climb up to the treehouse in my friend's backyard, not stopping to think about what that would do to the organza skirt of my dress. When I woke up the next morning, I was devastated to see the damaged fabric, filled with ladders which couldn't be fixed. I vowed to give my dress a new skirt soon.

It never happened. I put my dress away and only thought about it occasionally, never bothering to fix it. I decided yesterday, over a year after the Dreaded Treehouse Incident that it is time to give my dress a new life. I've been a bit slack on my sewing/creating in the last few months, but I finally have a couple of weeks to myself so I hope to get lots of projects done! I purchased some new organza, this time in a paler grey, with a slight blue tinge, and this afternoon I plan to sew a new skirt for my dress. Wish me luck!!


Hello World.

I've been meaning to start a blog for a long time. So here it is.
I'm thinking it'll be mostly fashion stuff, with quite a few outfit posts, if I ever get the hang of taking outfit photos, that is.

This is me. Please excuse the flash induced Demon like red eyes.

This is my pride and joy. Her name is Delilah and she's a 20 month old English Staffie. She's 238423048932x cuter in real life, photos just don't do her justice!!
These are some of my fashion books. They're all I read these days.

That's enough for now. Will try to post something more interesting later!