Couch Jacket

I haven't posted in so long! Hopefully I'll stop being so slack now!

On the weekend my mother was going through some of the stuff she didn't wear anymore, and she gave me a few things. One of them was this gorgeous Anthea Crawford jacket. She said it's about 15 years old and I'm in love with it! The fabric reminds me of the upholstery of a couch, or of curtains! I was having trouble getting a decent photo, but here it is:

I also wore it with two other new/old things which I picked up at the Round She Goes preloved fashion market on Sunday. They are this black elastic belt with a gorgeous decorative silver clasp:
You can also see the colours of the jacket a bit better here! Please ignore the chipped edges of my nail polish, I just had a life drawing class and they got wrecked with charcoal etc.

And this hairpiece:

I am also quite excited by the length of my hair in these photos! I straightened it the other day so it's looking even longer than usual! I've been growing my hair for about four or five years now, so I'm very happy with it's length at the moment:
Wearing: Vintage Anthea Crawford jacket, vintage belt, Mink Pink rouched zip dress, over old knit dress for warmth, vintage hair piece, RMK flats, and cheapie tights. Nailpolish is Essie Angora Cardie.


  1. Thankyou!
    I haven't had it trimmed in forever though! Whoops!!

  2. Wow, I am jealous of your commitment to hair growing. The longest I ever got mine was just below my shoulders and I always have the urge to hack it off!

  3. Your hair suits you though Amy!! Mine takes a looonnng time to grow and I've wanted long hair since I was a little kid so I stuck with it. I love it but I'm getting sick of it...think I may just get a fringe!