I am happy.

I am happy today (not that I'm not happy any other day, but I'm just extra happy today). Have spent the afternoon doing homework for my favorite subject - fashion illustration and am feeling on top of the world! Wish all homework was this fun!

I have only worn red lippy a couple of times since I last posted on it, but today I decided to try it again! I felt very out of place on the dreary train ride to uni this morning, but for the rest of the day I was very pleased with it and have got to wear it more often!

Usually my best outfits are the ones I plan the night before, but I really liked today's - even though I just pulled it out of my wardrobe in a hurry this morning!

Wearing: Bardot blazer, Mink Pink top, vintage belt, Forever New skirt, RMK shoes, Tiffany & Co bracelet, Revlon lipstick in 'Really Red' and OPI nail polish in 'Big Apple Red'


  1. The red looks great on you! :)

  2. love the jacket and skirt.

  3. That red is super! And that jacket too :-D
    It would be cool if you could post some of the stuff you do at school!
    I know it's not a drawing blog like mine but it would be awesome to see the kind of stuff you do for your fashion course :-D

  4. Thanks girls :)

    @Esz, I probably will eventually, but at the moment we're just learning alot of basic stuff so it probably isn't that exciting. I have a few pics I'll post up when we do more of that project, but at the moment we're just making calico mockups of skirts with no creativity, so it's not that exciting. There will be some stuff eventually!

  5. Love the red lipstick, it looks great on you