Shades of Purple

Today I had a photoshoot for an upcoming editorial and the theme was Black Magic. Dressed in mostly all black ensembles I had pale makeup with dark red violet/black eyes, dark dark red lips and black nails with my hair up in a messy teased up do. The makeup, done by the amazing Melonie Santos was fantastic! The hair was put down and softened while the makeup was toned down, with the eyes becoming more purply and the lips going nude for the final few shots, but I still think it looks great!! (I couldn't get a great pic of the makeup but you get the idea!!)

Today when I wasn't in and out of outfits I wore my vintage Pierre Cardin purple (it looks bluer than it really is in the pics) angora cardigan which my Mum bought from a vintage store in the early nineties. It's definitely stood the test of time as it's my favorite piece of clothing!!

Vintage Pierre Cardin cardigan worn with Portmans top, Tokito skirt and RMK flats.


  1. You are Gorgeous! I adore that cardi!
    xx Chloe

  2. I love this outfit! And you look gorgeous :)

  3. Thanks Lola and Bucca!

    The skirt was such a great find, it was only around $60 from memory from Tokito at Myer!

  4. I am jealous of your sheer amount of hair. I'm attempting to grow out a pixie and it's taking forever! Looking lovely :)

  5. @Amy Antlers

    Thanks :) I've been growing it forever! It really needs a trim but i don't want to lose any of the length! Growing out a pixie would be tough!