Pretty Hair Things.

I'm a sucker for headbands and clips, usually those in bow form, so I thought I'd do a post of some of my faves.

I bought this one last week from Sportsgirl. The pictures don't do it justice, it's absolutely gorgeous!

This sequined butterfly headband is from Equip, it was so cheap too!

This bow headband is a cheapie from Equip too. I wear it heaps because it looks good with so many different outfits!!

I adore this Sportsgirl clip. Usually I wear it on the back of my head below a bun but I had trouble taking good photos of that.

This headband actually used to be part of a dress I had. I never wore it anymore so I cut the bottom band of and turned it into this headband. The top part is now a vest/top thing :)

Yet another winner from Sportsgirl! I always feel like a little girl when I wear this headband!!

My face looks a little funny cause I've been doing charcoal drawings of my feet all evening for uni, and I managed to get charcoal all over my face. I wiped it off but it means my makeups a bit uneven!!

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