First Day.

Things have been hectic lately, and I haven't had my laptop for a few days, so I haven't been able to post but I have a few photos I've taken which I'll put up later. Today was my first day at uni, and it was full on, but great! I'm really excited for my course and hope it's as perfect for me as it seems. This is what I wore today:

My new Evil Twin tshirt

My new Tony Bianco flats

Wearing: Bardot waterfall blazer, Evil Twin tshirt, Ladakh shorts worn with black sash as belt, Tony Bianco flats, Wayne By Wayne Cooper bag.


  1. Gorgeous outfit Em! Missed you on the What I'm Wearing thread, but good to hear uni is going well xxx

  2. Thanks aelie :) I've missed posting there!!

  3. Oh my gosh those shoes are adorable! Love!


  4. @TeacupGrunge - How cute are they!! Unfortunately they killed my feet yesterday, hopefully they'll be okay soon!

  5. What a great outfit! When I used to go to uni, I rock up in tunics and leggings and flats! Nothing like your outfit!

    Hope you are loving uni! It's so good to study something you love!

  6. Haha well as I'm studying fashion design, everyone seems to put a lot more effort into uni outfits, on orientation day, half the girls were wearing heels, and a lot of them still wear them on days we aren't sewing. The way everyone dresses pushes me to put effort into my outfit everyday, which is great :)