Last Week's Outfit.

These are some photos I took of an outfit I wore a week ago, but didn't have a chance to post on my blog. My style is changing constantly at the moment, I decide what I want to wear then I change my mind fifty times before I finally settle on something, but I was pretty happy with this outfit. My gorgeous dog Delilah joined me in the last photo.



Forever New cardigan, Dotti belt, Ladakh dress, Nine West shoes, sportsgirl bracelets plus usual bracelet, T&Co cuff.


  1. Very cute dress indeed! I think I love your house too - just from what I've seen of it through your blog :-D

  2. @Teacup Grunge - Thanks!! :)

    @Esz - Thankyou :) I can't really take credit for the house, as I live with my parents, but I love it too! I've lived there my whole life so it means a lot to me.

  3. Gorgeous - house, dog, hair, dress + model!!

    I hope uni is going well for you!

  4. Thanks Hopey :) It's going fantastically :)