I was wearing.

Yesterday I wore the same dress as my last post (though that was two weeks ago) so please excuse the repetition! Uni is going fantastically, but between that, and getting back with my boyfriend I haven't been giving much time to my poor blog!!

Will try and do a couple more posts this weekend!! Please excuse the poor quality of these photos!!

Wearing: Op shopped blazer (I think It's Country Road) with various brooches/badges, CMK cardigan, Ladakh dress, Red Robin Socks, RMK "Elisa" flats, Various jewellery, Black hair bow I cut off a headband and turned into a clip.


  1. Ohhh I love love love this outfit Em! I love over the knee socks, can't wait until it's cold enough in Sydney to wear them.
    Great to hear that uni is going well and that you're back with your boy! <3

    xx aelie

  2. Thanks Aelie :) They're my first pair! I think they reminded me too much of highschool so I didn't buy any for a while but I love them!