Curly Girl

My hair is usually worn natural, with a few sprays of hair spray and maybe some dry shampoo if needed, but if I want to change it a little, I prefer curling over straightening. The last few times I've curled it, I just used my curling iron because I barely had time for that, let alone using my heated rollers, but on Friday, I had time, so I decided I'd try the rollers again. I realized after doing it, that contrary to the way I used to feel, I now prefer my hair curled using the curling iron, so that's what I'll go back to next time, but I might as well post these pictures I took anyway.

These are my babyliss heated rollers:

This is my hair before putting the rollers in (exuse the awful photo and my giraffe pose):

This is my hair with the rollers in:

And my hair after I took the rollers out, turned my head upside down and went crazy with the hairspray and the hair dryer, then fiddled with it with my fingers until it looked right. As I said before, I wasn't that happy with the result so I'll go back to my curling iron next time.

Wearing: Mink Pink cropped grey tshirt over Alexi Freeman tshirt dress.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!!


  1. I love your hair...it's so shiny! I love the curled effect though...I have never tried heated rollers before...I wonder if they will do well on my hair!

  2. The curls look so great, and your hair is so healthy and shiny! I'm well jealous.

  3. @bowsnhearts - Thanks! They work really well for wild messy curls, which is why I used to love them so much, but I think my tastes have changed a bit now, I prefer a softer, neater look!

    @Coco - Thankyou :) It's funny because if I ever have anything to complain about with my hair, it's that it isn't shiny enough, but maybe the treatment I've been using has worked some magic!!

  4. Your hair looks awesome. I got some hot rollers and am always trying to curl my hair (though its too short!) - but I prefer the curling iron also. Never know where to put the hot rollers! And they didn't come with enough clips to cover all the curlers. What's the point of that then? Annoying!

  5. @Esz - Thanks! Yes I can imagine your hair would be difficult to curl with rollers!! Mine has about 5 less clips than rollers, but as I don't need all the rollers it's okay. But I agree, it's just stupid!!