My Dress.

This dress means everything to me. Not because it's the most beautiful dress I own  (It's certainly not that well made!), or because it's by a top end designer, or because it cost me an arm and a leg. This dress means everything to me because it is all mine, and it's the first dress I ever made that was all mine. I enjoy sewing, but mostly I just use premade patterns, and towards the end I tend to lose a bit of passion for the item I'm making. This dress was different, I drew sketches and sketches until I knew what I wanted, all my exercise books at school were filled with drawings of variations of this dress. Then I made a calico mockup of the dress, so I didn't stuff it up. I poured over fabrics until I found the ones I wanted, and then I made my dream dress a reality.

Originally, this dress was for my year 12 formal, it didn't have the beading at the base of the straps it now has, but I hadn't even thought of that yet. I wore it, and every time someone complimented what I was wearing I felt the satisfaction all over. It's always lovely to be complimented, but when it's on something you created, the compliment has much more power.

I took these full length pictures a bit over a year ago. It was the morning of my interview for the fashion design course I wanted to get into, and I'd just looked through my folio and realized I didn't have a full shot of the dress with the wired beading on the straps - an addition I had made a couple of days before, to spice it up a little bit.

The interview went well, and I got into my course. I deffered for a year, and am set to start in a couple of weeks, which is why I have come back to this dress. I've only worn the dress once more since then, the night of the Dreaded Treehouse Incident. In a silly alcohol induced moment, I decided it was a good idea to climb up to the treehouse in my friend's backyard, not stopping to think about what that would do to the organza skirt of my dress. When I woke up the next morning, I was devastated to see the damaged fabric, filled with ladders which couldn't be fixed. I vowed to give my dress a new skirt soon.

It never happened. I put my dress away and only thought about it occasionally, never bothering to fix it. I decided yesterday, over a year after the Dreaded Treehouse Incident that it is time to give my dress a new life. I've been a bit slack on my sewing/creating in the last few months, but I finally have a couple of weeks to myself so I hope to get lots of projects done! I purchased some new organza, this time in a paler grey, with a slight blue tinge, and this afternoon I plan to sew a new skirt for my dress. Wish me luck!!


  1. What a stunning dress! I love how the straps come down over the bodice. You must be so talented!

    xx aelie

  2. Wow! In the future when you become a well known designer, I can say, I have seen Emily's first dress, have you?

  3. Thanks aelie :)

    Haha hope, I don't know about becoming a well known designer, but fingers crossed!

  4. Great shape! Great dress! I love when an item of clothing has a story to it, even if it involves drunkeness!

  5. Thanks :) Me too! I think drunken dress stories can be the best...often in the worst way though!

  6. The dress is absolutely stunning. It's so simple and elegant yet very creative. It's perfect and you look amazing wearing it :)