Oh, Nikolai.

When I first saw Camilla & Marc's new collection, there were a few pieces I fell in love with. One of them was the Nikolai Jacket.
Images from myer.com.au and whistles.com.au

I couldn't stop thinking about the Nikolai, no matter how hard I tried, and after a while I decided that it was time to reward myself with it for all that good saving I had done. I wasn't going to buy it without trying it on, so I decided that while I was in the city today (had to get some stuff for uni) I'd go and try on my dream jacket.

The moment I had it on, my dreams were broken - the Nikolai didn't suit me. I had feared the shoulders may be too overpowering on me, but that wasn't it at all, I simply looked swamped and dwarfed in it's folds of fabric, even though otherwise it seemed the perfect fit. I left, defeated for the moment, but the hunt for the perfect jacket is now on.


  1. It looks really good on Hawko though...Perhaps they pin back fabric on her?

    Good jackets and coats are so hard to find!

  2. That is a gorgeous jacket. The draping is lovely but it can be such a hard style to pull off :(

    I'm sure you'll find a lovely jacket soon enough :)

  3. @bowsnhearts
    Yes that was my thought too, Hope, it does look a bit different on her!

    I'm sure I will too, hopefully soon! Even though the weather means I don't really need one yet :P