Today I Am Wearing.

Today I met a good friend for lunch. I had calamari and salad which was very yummy! My friend had a lovely looking chicken foccacia. Because I'm starting uni soon, I've decided to get as much wear out of my heels as possible before then, this means that like today, I'll probably be feeling over dressed a lot. My friend wore an old white tshirt, black jeans, havs and no makeup - which is fine, she looked gorgeous anyway, but I felt a little out of place and I wasn't even that dressed up!!

Forever New Cami. Noname lace crop top thingy. Ladakh skirt. Tony Bianco "Karana" heels. Equip butterfly headband. Random jewellery, cuff is T&Co, earrings are Swarovski.

 After lunch I took the dog for a walk, am planning to begin my sewing soon!


  1. So far I love all of your posts and outfits! I think your outfit was perfectly fine for going out to lunch, and besides, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

    Keep up the great work :-)

  2. You started blogging!!! I am a follower!

    You look so cute with your lace top!

    I tend to dress down for uni as well...I put on a tee and a skirt and black opaques...If I dress the way I usually do to uni, I will probably get a lot of stares! Silly, I know but I am so self-conscious!

    I think the bow skirt I got from Bardot will suit you! It's so very cute!

  3. Yay, another follower!! Thanks to both of you :)