I like clothes and things.

I went through my wardrobe tonight, and put some old things I don't wear anymore in the opshop pile. I then proceeded to head to Freez and buy four more pieces of clothing I probably don't need. I keep looking at my overflowing wardrobe and seeing nothing I want to wear and keep wearing the same things over and over... and then I buy more things.

Sunny Girl lace shrug and Mink Pink top
Ladakh shorts and dress

All from freez.com.au


  1. Oh god I am exactly the same. I desperately need to go through my wardrobe.

    I adore the new clothes though, not a waste at all!

  2. OOo I really love the Ladakh's shorts!

  3. @ Emma, haha I know, I love them now, but just have a feeling I'll get sick of them quickly... :P

    @ bowsnhearts, how cute are they?!